A lecture by distinguished Professor Atsushi Fujimori

05 September 2018


Title of the Lecture:

Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopy of Advanced Materials


New materials with novel functionalities play key roles in future technologies such as information storage and energy saving. Once a new material is discovered or in order to enhance the performance of existing materials, their precise characterization on the microscopic level is prerequisite. Spectroscopic techniques, particularly those using synchrotron radiation, are powerful and suited for such purposes. In my talk, after the introduction of spectroscopic methods such as photoemission and x-ray absorption spectroscopies, I will describe recent development on studies of nano-materials considered for future spintronics applications and high-temperature superconductors.

Biography of Professor Atsushi Fujimori:

He is a professor at the Department of Physics, the University of Tokyo. He received his B.S. (1976), M.S. (1978), and D.Sc. degrees (1981) from the University of Tokyo. He was a research scientist at National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials, Tsukuba, Japan, between 1978-1988, and a visiting assistant professor at the University of Minnesota, USA, between 1984-1985. He was appointed an associate professor at the University of Tokyo in 1988 and a professor in 1999. He has been studying the electronic structure of correlated electron systems, including transition-metal compounds, high-temperature superconductors, and spintronics materials by photoemission and absorption spectroscopies using synchrotron light. Prof. Fujimori has more than 500 peer-reviewed publications and over 35,000 citations. He has received several awards for his great scientific achievements and has been a member of several scientific societies and editorial boards.