Launching a New Master Program

13 April 2018


The Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics requires the completion of 30 credit hours over a period of two years as follows:

A. Thesis track :

    1. Core courses: 18 credits

    2. Elective Courses: 6 credits

    3. Thesis: 6 credits 

B. Non-Thesis track:

    1. Core courses: 18 credits

    2. Elective Courses: 9 credits

    3. Project: 3 credits 

Admission Requirements

    • Students with a Bachelor degree in Science, Engineering,     Business, Pharmacy, Health Science with a minimum CGPA of     2.33 can apply.

    • Depending on the student’s background, up to six credits     remedial courses (STAT401: Calculus and analytic geometry     and/or STAT402: Mathematics for Statistics), or equivalent, may     be required. Grade “B” or above is required in the remedial     courses.

     • Successfully pass an English language exam held by the     university and scoring no less than 60% or getting a minimum     score of 520 in paper-based TOEFL (or equivalent) or 5.5 in     IELTS. In case a student scored between 50-69%, then he/she     has to successfully pass in English course to improve his/her     proficiency. BAU graduates are exempted from the language     exam.

    • An interview with the applicant is required .