Research Training Placement for the student Yara Fouad Kady

13 August 2018


Ms. Yara Fouad Kady from the Faculty of Science at Beirut Arab University is a registered master student in Medical Physics in the university since Fall 2017-2018. She was invited by the Division of Medical Physics at CancerCare Manitoba-Canada for an eight-week research training placement period starting from July 3, 2018 and until August 31, 2018. She will be reporting to the Radiation Therapy Physics Department as a Research Associate under their supervision. The Division of Medical Physics at CancerCare Manitoba is unique in Canada in that it covers all aspects of cancer control and is responsible for all medical physics services throughout Manitoba: Radiation Protection, Therapeutic Radiation Physics, Diagnostic Physics, Radiation Protection, Medical Devices and Nuclear Electronics. They play a pivotal role in providing advanced health care to all Manitobans. During her research training placement Miss Kady will be involved in a project to develop automated image quality testing tools in radiography. This project fulfills her requirements in the practical experience and will be applied in her courses at her home institution, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon.