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Bilal Taher

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Mechanical Department

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Bilal Taher

Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering and design, Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard University (UTBM), Belfort, France, 2012.

M.Sc., General Mechanics (Energetic, Materials, Mecatronics), Lebanese university, Faculty of engineering, in partnership with University of Technology of Belfort Montbeliard, and in collaboration with the Universities of Technology of Compiegne and Troyes, 2003.

B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering, Branch I, Tripoli, Lebanon 2002.

PHD research

Any system or mechanical component is likely to be subjected to a thermo-mechanical coupling. It is the case, for example, of a cylinder of an engine or a heat exchanger functioning in transient mode. The abrupt variations and the periodicity of the thermal solicitations applied to the systems contribute mainly to the fatigue of constituent materials. The importance of these phenomena increases when the destruction of materials endangers both the environment and human life.

One of the solutions to this problem consists of using new materials of the multi-layer type with the goal being to reduce the losses of energy and to resist against the mechanical and thermal effects applied to these materials. Moreover, the variable and periodic heating effect on these materials, involves a variable mechanical effect responsible for the mechanical fatigue undergone by these materials. These materials must thus be able to support these thermo-mechanical effects for a long time.

The research consists of studying the linear and nonlinear thermo-mechanical behavior in elastic and plastic regimes taking into account the damage of materials in order to reach a correct optimization of their use.

Research Interests

  • Modelling and experimental research: thermomechanical coupling and damage in multi-materials.
  • Optimization of renewable energy systems, Modeling and Development of Green Smart Home Energy Management System using Artificial intelligence.

List of publications

Journal Publications

  • B. Taher, L. Soufi, S. Thamine, “ Methanisation and Bio-Hydrogen based Hybrid Systems for Fuel Cell Electricity Production from Solidwaste”, IJTRD, December 2018.
  • B. Taher, S. Abboudi, R. Younes, " A Study of the Thermo-Elastic Damage in the Cylinder of an Engine ", "Heat and Technology journal", April 2010.
  • B. Taher, S. Abboudi, R. Younes, "Analysis of the Thermal Damage on the Homogenous Materials Under Thermo-Mechanical Behavior", WSEAS, January 2010.

Conference Proceedings

  • B. Taher, A. Khalil, A. Hassan, R. Nafeh, “Optimization of Small Hybrid Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) for Hayzouk Municipality”, 2nd National Seminar On Municipal Waste Water Treatment & Reuse in Lebanon, February 202
  • B. Taher, S. Abboudi, R. Younes, "Numerical Analysis of Thermo-Elastic Damage of a Cylindrical Body: Application to Engine System", NASCA conference, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing with Applications, Agadir, Morocco, Octobre 2009.
  • B. Taher, S. Abboudi, R. Younes, "Effect of frequency and shape of thermal cycling on the damage of multimaterial under thermo-elasto-plastic behaviour", PVP2009 conference, 2009 ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Division Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2009
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