Tripoli Drama Play "Akareb"

12 April 2019


Tripoli Drama Club presented its “AKAREB” play on Friday 12/04/2019 at Tripoli Auditorium Hall. University students attended the event with the public, students’ parents, academic and administrative bodies at the branch.

The events of the play revolve around 8 brothers, whom their only concern is how to get out of Lebanon and travel to another country far from the misery, unemployment and the poverty that they are struggling in this country. The play ended with a surprising twist when the brothers decided to stay in the country and never leave their homeland. The events of the play happened under a comedy context, which gave the play a special taste.

The play was written and directed by Nour Sabouneh, with a cast that consisted of 15 actors including Dima Jaroudy, Omar Kadamany, Nisrin Ayoubi, Karim Houjayri, Ahmad Dakak, Youssef Baroudy, Mostafa Hamzeh, Ahmad El Ali, Ali Ghourani, Mohamad Harrouk, Shady Samadi, Joanna Habouchi, Nadia Raad, Alaa Bitar, Akram Ayoubi