Tripoli Music Club Annual Concert

10 April 2019

Tripoli Music club performed their annual concert on Wednesday 10/04/2019 at the Auditorium lead by Mr. Rami Beik. Faculty directors, academic and non-academic staff and interested students attended the concert to feast their ears on the finest melodies. Distinguished voices from different faculties and different majors in BAU united their talents under one performance, The Annual Music Club Concert.
BAU’s music club presented an Exotic performance, a beautiful mixture of Arabic and English.
The Arabic Band consisted of Leonardo Ozdan (Faculty of Engineering), Radwan Baroudy (Faculty of Architecture-Design & Built Environment), Omar Kahwaji (Faculty of Engineering), Fadi Yahya (Faculty of Engineering), Nadim Latti.
The English band consisted of Ahmad Dakkak (Faculty of Engineering), Bassam Rifi (Faculty of Business Administration), Hashem Dankar (Faculty of Architecture-Design & Built Environment), Nour Jazzar (Faculty of Architecture-Design & Built Environment), Mohamad Ahdab (Faculty of Business Administration).