“Lal Kher Ana W Enta” Association meeting at Beirut Arab University

16 November 2021


On the occasion of one-year anniversary for signing the cooperation of agreement between “Lal Kher Ana W Enta” association and Beirut Arab University, a delegation headed by Mrs. Yasmine Ghamrawi; president of the association visited the university’s branch in Tripoli to assess the previous stage.

The meeting was headed by Prof. Dr. Khaled Hassan Baghdady; Vice President of Beirut Arab University for Tripoli Branch Affairs, and in presence of Mr. Mohamad Hammoud; Deputy Secretary-General for Tripoli Branch Affairs, the directors of branch faculties as well as the executive board members in the association.

The meeting started with a speech for Dr. Khaled Hassan Baghdady, who welcomed and thanked the association for the role it plays in spreading charitable work in terms of supporting struggling students in paying their dues. Dr. Baghdady pointed out further that education is the most powerful weapon that is inalienable from the educated people and that can change the world. He stressed out further that there are many ideas to work on and develop in the service of the university students, hoping indeed that the association would continue its fruitful work, and thanking in the end, all contributors who donated and helped BAU students throughout the passed year.

In her speech Mrs. Yasmine Ghamrawi, assured on the importance of supporting students financially and morally, especially in this critical period the country is going through in order to obtain their degrees. Thus, hoping they would embark a bright career future, noting further that the total value that was paid to twenty-five students distributed among students from various faculties during one year is 264,608,000 million Lebanese pounds. Ghamrawi further stressed on the continuation of supporting the BAU students, and concluded by saying, "The doors of goodness and righteousness are many, and life is progressing through joining hands. With love, we work miracles, and through sincere cooperation solidarity between people is achieved, let us be like a solid structure that pulls each other together."

In turn, Mr. Mohamed Hammoud welcomed the cooperation between the university and the association, stressing on the importance of investing in education, which is the best and foremost investment that would benefit the students themselves, will facilitate starting their career path, and have good returns on the society at a time. In addition, this humanitarian act will transfer the sense of satisfaction felt by students, and would develop a sense of help for others alike. Mr. Hammoud concluded by emphasizing on the university's keenness, within its educational policy, to help all its students in Tripoli through scholarships and financial aid services provided to them according to their merits, hoping that the coming days would be better for all.

In the end, a discussion between the university administration and the association about future joint projects that aim to advance youth capacities took place.