An Interactive and Inspirational Talk With Dr. Adnan El Bakri

20 October 2022


Beirut Arab University - Tripoli Campus hosted Dr. Adnan El Bakri; French-Lebanese Entrepreneur, Ex- Urologic Surgeon, Researcher in Artificial Intelligence & Leader in eHealth, who is currently the Founder & CEO of ReLyfe Group, for an inspirational talk with students about his success story.

The event was attended by the Vice-President of Tripoli Branch Prof. Khaled Baghdady, Mrs. Suha Adhami representing President of HALFA- The Lebanese Businessmen Federation of France; Mr. Antoine Menassah, Dr. Ghazi Tadmary; the Dean of the Faculty of Public Health at Jinan University, Dr. Alissar Yassin Haddad Director of the Nutridiet Center, in addition to Professor Maan Al-Bakri and his wife, faculty directors, faculty members, and a crowd of students.

Inaugurating the event, Professor Khaled Baghdady welcomed the attendees and introduced Dr. Adnan El Bakri's academic, professional and career achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, stressing the importance of ambition and perseverance among young people to achieve success in life.

In his part, Dr. El Bakri talked about the challenges he faced since the beginning of his educational career and until he arrived in France to study medicine, where he specialized in the field of urology. He also discussed his journey of becoming an entrepreneur after obtaining a specialized master’s degree in artificial intelligence, which led him to participate in the “Bonjour Idée” competition in Paris for innovations. In this competition, Dr. El Bakri was up against the most important international companies with his project to develop electronic medicine "E-Health". In fact, he was the first to change the modern technological concept in the development of medicine through artificial intelligence. His project ranked first among 1,600 other projects submitted by companies from Europe and Africa.

Dr. El Bakri described his project as a platform capable of containing huge data of medical information from around the world, which, he mentioned, will aid in future medical research.

The platform works by delivering information through AI, subsequently supplying the medical sector with more cases and experiences to support studies and research.

Dr. El Bakri worked through this talk on motivating the students and stressing on the importance of thinking outside the box to succeed in the field of entrepreneurship, to overcome difficulties in their careers and to be creative in whatever path they may choose.

Dr. El Bakri also touched on the “entrepreneurial mindset” and the steps he took to build his company, Relyfe group in France, noting the importance of preparing a business model and business plan, even if the project idea was not for profit. In his speech, Dr. El Bakri emphasized how important the concepts of returning back to his roots and giving back to his family and his country have been to him throughout his journey. Concluding the meeting, and after the final questions and discussions with the attendees, Dr. El Bakri received the university’s honorary medal by the Vice President of Tripoli Branch, Professor Khaled Baghdadi, as a token of loyalty and appreciation.