BAU Nursing Students Volunteer in The National Vaccination Campaign for COVID-19 Pandemic

27 February 2021


In line with the mission of Beirut Arab University to serve the Lebanese Community, and based on its partnership with the health sector in Lebanon, the Nursing students at the Faculty of Health Sciences- Tripoli Branch are participating in the National COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination Program organized by the Ministry of Public Health. Students volunteered to assist the Medical Team by providing the vaccinations at Albert Haykel Hospital; which is approved by the Ministry of Public Health as a vaccination center in North Lebanon.

The team includes a group of administrators, clinicians and nurses assigned to follow up the vaccinated individuals during and after their vaccination process. However, this students’ commitment represents one of several activities organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences since the beginning of COVID - 19 pandemic, in order to raise the awareness about the disease and assist the nursing staff, especially during the peak of the deficiency of nurses.

Furthermore, the students of the Faculty are spreading massive awareness campaigns towards the importance of vaccination, in order to encourage the citizens, for achieving the required community immunization in a short period.

What is worth to be noted that the students of the Nursing Department will be endorsing their voluntary support action throughout all The National Vaccination Campaign period in Lebanon.