Beirut Arab University - Tripoli Branch Hosts the French Cultural Center and the Francophone Digital Center AUF

26 October 2022


In collaboration with the French Cultural Institute in Lebanon and the Francophone Digital Center of the Francophone University Agency (AUF), the Faculty of Humanities at Beirut Arab University - Tripoli Branch, organized a literary meeting with the French writer, scriptwriter and President of the Académie Goncourt, Didier Dequi and French academic writer and Secretary General Philip Claudel. The meeting comes within the framework of the “Beirut Books” celebration for this year and was moderated by Dr. Nadia Iskandarani, Professor of French Language at BAU.

The meeting was attended by Mrs. Sabine Ciortino, the Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Action and Director of the French Cultural Center in Lebanon, Dr. Ziad Naga, Director of the Francophone Digital Center in Tripoli, and Dr. Maha Mouloud from the Lebanese University. BAU attendees included Professor Khaled Baghdadi, Vice President of Beirut Arab University for Tripoli Branch, Mr. Muhammad Hammoud, Assistant Secretary General of the University in addition to Ms Nala Makkouk, supervisor of Public Relations in Tripoli, as well directors of colleges, faculty members and students. Faculty members and students from universities of North Lebanon also attended the meeting.

To begin the meeting, Professor Baghdadi welcomed the writers and the attendees and expressed his enthusiasm for a successful meeting. Following, Dr. Nadia Iskandarani spoke about the importance of this meeting, which falls within the “Beirut Books” celebration and was called for by the writers of the members of the Goncourt Committee, which promotes meetings and cultural activities for the students of Lebanon. In her speech, Dr. Iskandarani thanked the writers and the French Cultural Center for their support and distinguished role in promoting the Francophonie in Lebanon.

At the end of the meeting, Director of the Francophone Digital Center in Tripoli, Dr. Ziad Naga, invited the students, especially doctoral students, to visit the center benefit from its facilities.