Capacity Building on Truth and Justice

02 October 2021


The Human Rights Center at BAU organized a capacity building training on “Truth and Justice” at BAU- Tripoli Branch. The training lasted for two consecutive days on 2-3/10/2021 and was a part of the “Dealing with the Past Memories for Future Rights of Enforced Disappeared Persons” project funded by the United Nations Peace Building Fund and jointly implemented with OHCHR.

This project aims to shed more light on people who experienced the enforced disappearance of others and provide enough information to highlight the root causes of past conflict and present social tensions in addition to opening public debate and facilitating cross-confessional dialogue, which helps engage the Lebanese youth. The participating students from different majors were willing to know more about the core and values of the law that allow the affected Lebanese to achieve justice and seek the truth.

Judge Sara Rammal inaugurated the first day of the training, discussing the enforced disappearance in the light of concepts of justice and truth. After that, the Vice President of Fighters for Peace Mr. Asaad Chaftari held a debate with the students about true reconciliation and its conditions for the individual and groups. The second day of the training opened with Ms. Lara Al-Deeb, one of the board members of the Committee of the Families of Kidnapped and Disappeared in Lebanon. She gave details about the adoption of the law concerning the absence and the enforced disappearance of persons and the implementation of the resolutions of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. Afterwards, Mrs. Dala Bazzi, the instructor of physical kinesiology and therapy through dancing, showed a video in which the dancers express their feelings through movement only. This video aims to emphasize the importance of the theatre as a place for people to express their needs and deliver messages to the audience and the role of art and music in expressing solidarity with the issue of the enforced disappeared persons.