How to Innovate in Our daily Activities

09 March 2022


In collaboration with the U.S Embassy In Lebanon, Beirut Arab University - Tripoli Campus organized a seminar targeted to empower students with the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation skills needed for the betterment of their future lives and careers.

The activity was attended by the USAID Lebanon's director of economic growth Mr. Douglas Bokla, the USAID Lebanon's director for local development Mr. Claude Zoula, the academic and outreach specialist at the US embassy Mr. Elie Ferneiny, Director of Leadership Enterprise Development (LED) Project for USAID Mr. Fady Naffah, BAU Vice president for Tripoli Branch Affairs Prof. Khaled Baghdady, Deputy Secretary General Mr. Mohamad Hammoud, Faculty directors, staff and campus students.

After the Lebanese and BAU Anthems Miss Nala Makkouk welcomed the guests introducing the activity, mentioning the importance of applying design thinking in our daily activities towards accelerated innovation, noting its role in the aid of building an entrepreneurial mindset for the development and launching of successful dream business ideas.

The activity was followed by a talk for Mr. Douglas Bokla who presented the topic " the Role of Entrepreneurship in the advancement of Middle east societies with a focus on Lebanon". Bokla stressed on the fact that a nation's prosperity is not inherited but created. Thus, its competitiveness depends on the capacity of its industries to innovate and upgrade.

The activity included, an informational session by Mr. Elie Ferneiny on Fulbright student scholarship program, a grant to obtain a master's degree in one of the US reputable universities.

Nextly, Mr. Fady Naffah introduced the concept and types of innovation, thus explaining “How to Innovate in our daily activities" by presenting and discussing with the students the innovators’ thinking process.

The activity was concluded with an exciting discussion between the speakers and the students.