India and Japan at Beirut Arab University In cooperation with Elite Center of Culture and Education

14 January 2023


Beirut Arab University organized a cultural activity entitled “SKY DREAM” in cooperation with the Elite Center of Culture and Education and in partnership with the Indian and Japanese Embassies in Lebanon. It is an inter-cultural dancing show, that embodies the union of three ancient cultures, which are India, Japan, and Lebanon, to create a new art, expressing the band's firm belief of the power far-off the arts to connect people's souls beyond what confines space and time.

The Ambassador of India Dr. Suhel Ajaz Khan and Ambassador of Japan represented by Second Secretary Ms. Minami Kunitomo, a crowd of ambassadors, diplomats, ministers and deputies, as well as presidents’ of Orders, university presidents, hospital directors and representatives of cultural, scientific, religious and municipal bodies as well as a large crowd of students and interested people attended the event, where they were welcomed by Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, President of the University, Professor Khaled Baghdadi, Vice-President to Tripoli Branch , Dr. Omar Houri, Secretary-General and the deans of the University and its academic and administrative family.

The ceremony started with the speech of Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, President of the University, who welcomed the audience, emphasizing on the importance of the exposure to cultures that is one of the aspirations of Beirut Arab University to enrich its human culture, and this event forms a unique touch in highlighting the issues of society with such a distinctive creative type. He also drew attention to the fact that such events are an addition to the cultural and artistic scene.

The President of Elite Culture and Education, Dr. Iman Dernaika Kamali, said: "It is a special pride that I am present here and that I had the chance to cooperate with Beirut Arab University, which has embraced and sponsored this event. It emphasizes its cultural role and its firm belief that cultural identity can only be built on the basis of universal cultural interdependence, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity.

She continued: The title of the event, "Sky Dream", was the result of Japan's yearning for a solution when the country was overrun with a cholera wave and one third of Japan's population died in the seventeenth century.

I found the title and the topic appropriate for what we need today in Lebanon, especially as we live through a series of consecutive troubles and crises, which may need a sky dream to turn our darkness into light.

Dr. Suhel Ajaz Khan, Ambassador of India said: "Lebanon and India have always enjoyed friendly relations since the establishment of diplomatic relations in the early 1950s, which have been based on mutual respect and common denominators involving, among other things, multicultural societies and democratic traditions.

The Ambassador, then, honored Dr. Ogarit Younan, a researcher, writer and educational thinker. She received the prize of Jamnalal Bajaj International Award for the Promoting of Gandhian Values Outside India as well as Dr. Iman Dernaika Kamali, who is a friend of the Embassy of India in Lebanon, and has already cooperated with the Embassy in promoting the Indian culture and strengthening friendly bilateral relations between India and Lebanon.

The event was presented by Dreamers Japan in Lebanon, led by its President, Ms. Eiko, Zmilti, Professor of teaching the Japanese Language at the Japanese Cultural Center at St. Joseph's University, with the professional artist and Indian dance professor at the Embassy of India in Lebanon Mr. Deepesh Hoskere who presented with Ms. Seiko Sugita, the social development officer at United Nations agencies and with his students, a wonderful show of the Bharatanatyam Art.

The show consists from 12 dancing and singing shows that reflect a legendary story about Amabiko, a legendary creature in Japan from the seventeenth-century who carried messages from the sky to treat the disease at the time of the cholera pandemic. From here came the idea of a theatrical show after the Covid pandemic to spread hope and positivity to Lebanese and the world through this artistic creativity.

Along the side of the activity, an exhibition comprising a special pavilion for the embassies of India and Japan exhibiting the advantages of the two countries in terms of tourism, economy and art was displayed, as well as a pavilion for the two Lebanese art exhibitors; PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture Boushra Naim who displayed her paintings of different Lebanese touristic villages and the architect, Bassem Zouda, who is passionate about documenting the decoration of Tripoli's ancient heritage buildings through his decorative paintings.