Insights into Healthcare Management and Medical Practice

11 October 2019


The Faculty of Health Sciences at Beirut Arab University-Tripoli Branch, in cooperation with the new Mazloum Hospital, organized a scientific conference entitled “Insights into Healthcare Management and Medical Practice” under the auspices of the Minister of Public Health Dr. Jamil Jabak represented by the Head of Hospitals, and Dispensaries Department Dr. Jihad Makkouk.

The inauguration was attended by Minister of State for Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth Violette Khairallah Safadi and former Minister Mohamed Safadi both represented by Dr. Mustafa Helweh, MP Dr. Ali Darwish, MP Dr. Dima Jamali, Minister and former MP Dr. Ahmad Fatfat, President of El Mina Municipality Abdel Kader Alameddine, President of the Order of Engineers Bassam Ziadah, President of the Lebanese Order of Physicians Dr. Salim Abi Saleh, President of the Lebanese Dental Association-Tripoli Dr. Rola Deeb, Lawyer Cerine Al-Rafei representing President of the Bar Association Mohammed Al-Murad and President of the Order of Nurses Dr. Mirna Abi Abdullah Doumit.

The event was also attended by BAU Vice President for Tripoli Branch Professor Khaled Baghdadi, Chairman of the New Mazloum Hospital Dr. Haitham Khayat, Medical Director and Conference President Dr. Musaab Hassoun, Executive Director Alissar Yassin Haddad, Director of the Faculty of Health Sciences Dr. Nisreen Bisar, faculty directors, professors, doctors, BAU Tripoli Branch Coordinator Ahmad Sankari and a crowd of guests and interested audience.

The two-day conference dealt with various important scientific topics distributed over nine sessions with 25 lecturers. It tackled the latest scientific developments in various fields such as the humanization of the health system, laboratory diagnostic techniques (PCR), radiology diagnostics, health management, the role and leadership of the nursing staff, mental and psychological health issues as well as the findings of the latest studies on cerebral thrombosis and its treatments, laparoscopic surgery, and tissue and organ transplantation. The scientific sessions were also accompanied by two workshops.

The event opened with the National Anthem and BAU Anthem followed by Public Relations Officer Nala Makkouk’s speech in which she pointed out that “higher education institutions around the world seek to achieve their goals through the provision of educational and research services in addition to the developmental activities and projects of their communities. No one can ignore the important role that universities play in moving the wheels of development as they are the center for scientific and applied research without which it is difficult to realize any real intellectual or social progress."

Dr. Hassoun indicated that "this event comes out of the concern of the New Mazloum Hospital administration to hold medical conferences that shall refine the expertise of the medical staff and improve their performance to reach the leading scientific and practical level,” believing that “excellence and development of health facilities cannot be achieved without the cooperation and integration among its three pillars or so-called health troika: medical body, nursing body, and administrative system.”

Executive Director of the New Mazloum Hospital Elissar Haddad highlighted "the role of Mazloum Hospital in providing services for the community” saying that “achieving success in the development of the role any medical institution can only be fulfilled through the efforts of its three polar: team of doctors, nurses and administrators and the unification of their goals and vision."

Doctor Bisar said, "Since its establishment in Tripoli branch, the faculty has sought excellence in performance and obtained international accreditation for its various programs, the most recent of which was obtained by the Nursing, Nutrition and Food Regulation, and Medical Laboratory Technology from the German accreditation body AHPGS, like mother faculty in Beirut. The faculty also recently opened a CPR training site which is accredited by the American Heart Association.”

In his speech. Professor Baghdadi stated that "this year, Beirut Arab University celebrates its 60th anniversary with more than 100,000 graduates from Lebanon and the Arab world holding accredited certificates from internationally recognized bodies. Since its establishment, BAU has always been committed to active partnership with local and international public, community and service institutions.”

Dr. Abi Saleh said, "This conference comes as a result of cooperation between two institutions namely Beirut Arab University and the New Mazloum Hospital,” adding “Your annual conferences are an expression of your perseverance in the development of the hospital not only in terms of management and patient accommodation, but also in raising the level of medical services by keeping abreast of all that’s new, and you were able to restore the hospital as one of the oldest hospitals in the North.”

Minister Jabak’s representative maintained that "the ministry continues to provide a large number of health and hospital services despite the challenges resulting from the successive multifaceted crises that led to an increase in the burden of the health sector and despite the ministry’s low budget of the total public expenditure. Within this framework, the ministry has established a network of about 236 primary health care centres, most of which are run by private sector institutions based on a contractual relationship between the both teams. These institutions are committed to providing a package of primary health care services while the ministry provides technical support, essential medicines and vaccines. The centre is selected according to the criteria set by the ministry for quality assurance. This approach has contributed to reducing the cost of primary health care, which is matched by an improvement in health indicators. ''

This was followed by honoring one of the veterans and most prominent doctors at Mazloum Hospital Paediatrician Amin Fayek Al-Jamali and senior nurse Mohammad Al-Khatib, both of whom received honorary shields which were also distributed to speakers and supporters.