Meet and Communicate

23 April 2021


To boost their communication and employability skills, over 250 participants from different northern schools joined the virtual webinar "Meet and Communicate" on Friday April 23, 2021. The activity which included virtual information sessions spread over 2 consecutive days was organized by the BAU Entrepreneurship HUB.

The activity which was attended by Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs Dr. Khaled Baghdady, Director of Faculty of Business Administration Dr. Hani el Chaarani, participating companies in activity, Head responsible of Entrepreneurship Hub Dr. Abdallah Chakik and the executive team of the hub, in addition to attendees from different schools, started by a welcoming speech for Dr. Khaled Baghdady, who greeted all attendees, delivering a message of appreciation for collaborative efforts achieved from all participating companies, funding partners (Cosv, Beyond group, Avanzi, and CGM) and Entrepreneurship Hub team for the successful implementation of the activity.

The aim of the activity was to build networking connections between high school students, and over 12 participating companies, where the later presented the current needed skills and positions of different sectors within the labor market.

The activity was a great opportunity for attending students to use their communication skills, to network with the participating companies in order to have a better understanding of the current Labor market, to better build their employability skills, and to provide them with a chance to make better decisions related to their career future.

Further to that, and part of its set objectives, the BAU Entrepreneurship Hub team will work in  progress alongside with expert trainers to put into practice, different training programs and activities that will enhance youth capabilities and equip them with needed skills in target of eliminating the existing skills gap within the job market, 

The next following training activity will be delivered by expert in communication; Public figure Milad Hadchiti, and will focus on different aspects of effective communication to include: presentation skills, idea pitching, public speaking, and emotional intelligence.

The activity will be held on April 30 and 1st of May 2021.