Tripoli Entrepreneurship Day

15 April 2019


Empowering youth to create their own employment opportunities, Beirut Arab University organized its first Entrepreneurship exhibition at Tripoli campus, providing a dynamic platform for which students can explore their strengths and potentials, in front of Entrepreneurship experts & business leaders from domain, maximizing the benefit for each student involved in this activity.

 The exhibition which included 41 projects, executed by over 150 students, was attended by H.E. M.P. Dr. Ali Darwish, Mayor of Tripoli Mr. Ahmad Kamareddine, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli and the North Mr. Toufic Daboussi, Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs Dr. Khaled Baghdady, Deputy Secretary General for Tripoli Branch Affairs Mr. Mohamed Hammoud, Tripoli Branch Coordinator Mr. Ahmad Sankari, Acting President for Tripoli Economic Zone Dr. Hassan Dannawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Intelligile Dr. Osama Ziadeh, as well as faculty directors, staff and students from the branch.

After the National and BAU anthems, Vice-President Dr. Khaled Baghdady welcomed attendees and addressed students to devote their efforts on building their capabilities, in target of seeking their own career opportunities. Where this could be achieved by creating new ideas and developing them into real business projects that will contribute to achieving youths’ ambitions and dreams.

Dr. Osama Ziadeh, and after screening the projects presented in the exhibition, pinpointed the importance of stamina in the development of these ideas to move to the next stages of projects' implementation. As patience and determination to overcome challenges, are the most important factors to achieve success.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Toufic Dabboussi stressed in his speech on the fact, that success requires seriousness, a positive attitude and perseverance at work, and most importantly, youth should believe in their dreams and aspirations to succeed.

M.P. Dr. Ali Darwish said: "The most wonderful thing about youth is the challenge, which you have expressed today through your participation in this exhibition. This challenge will always be present, especially in the circumstances we are living by today." Young people should be better able to develop their learning abilities and to focus on a specific topic because the world is moving towards specializations in each major field, and survival is for the better, the fittest and the most productive.

At the end, the attendees visited the exhibition and voting took place for the best idea presented. The winning project was entitled “Give the Land and Take the Keys” for Ahmed Amara from the Faculty of Business Administration, Akram Lagha from the Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment, and Mohammad Diab from the Faculty of Engineering.