Faculty of Architecture-Design & Built Environment Successfully Completes 'Let's Join' Pavilion: A Triumph of International Collaboration and Geometric Design

02 August 2023


Congratulations to the Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment who has finished working on the "Let's Join" Pavillion which is the outcome of the workshop entitled "Responsive Surfaces and Space Tessellation.". The workshop was an international collaboration with La Sapienza University in Rome and the Faculty of Architecture at BAU to publish research in the Symposium of Internationalization on Research and Education entitled “Contamination Lab Network”.

The research is based on a Summer school workshop held in the Digital Fabrication Lab at the Faculty of Architecture - BAU in September 2019 by Dr Graziano Mario Valenti from La Sapienza University and Dr Chadi Khoury from BAU.

 The articulation of the “Let’s Join” pavilion is based on the Weaire and Phelan tessellation which has been studied and fabricated in an international cooperation project between the Sapienza University of Rome and the Beirut Arab University in 2019. The Robotically Fabricated Lightweight Timber pavilion describes its purpose as a space for BAU students to meet and socialize. Its main focus is geometric theory and its application to the design and construction of the architectural form and, more generally, of the industrial product.