The Architectural Engineering Library serves the following:

Architectural Engineering, landscape design, Interior Design, and Graphic Design.

Format of materials

Books (9487), journals (52): [current titles (9), Stalled titles (43)], electronic resources-CD-ROM (37), Dissertations (50), Online databases (3).

Policy of Library

  • Library opening days: Monday Until Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Library Is a Silent Mobile Zone.
  • In the Library Food, Drinks and Smoking are not allowed.
  • Student should leave the book on the table after reading it.
  • Students can use the Library photocopying machines only with magnetic cards these cards cost 5000 L.L and allow 100 copies.
  • For Student who are interested to participate in Loan We should pay 100.000 L.L. deposit library in case Pay 1000 L.L penalty for each day retarded
  • Some Materials can’t be loaned:
    • Journals
    • Thesis
    • Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
    • Multimedia
    • Exam Papers

Library Services

  • Informed and Oriented students about the use of Library
  • Training students to use : OPAC Index , search Database and Find the Open Access Resources
  • Provide Area and different places to Work collectively or individually
  • Loan:
    • Circulation Loan
    • Intra Library Loan
    • Inter Library Loan
  • Photocopying and Scanner

Organization of the library

  • Books (by subject : Dewey)
  • Thesis (by subject: Dewey)
  • Journals (Alphabetical Order)
  • Multimedia (by subject : Dewey)
  • Example of Exam paper (by year)