Advanced Physics Laboratory

Brief Description :

The Advanced Physics Laboratory offers experiments that are substantially different from those in General Physics Laboratory; They go beyond the simple demonstration of basic physical principles in addition the concepts of modern physics are justified and become understandable in-depth analysis with advanced experimental measurements.

Topics include :

  • Thermal Physics.
  • Classical Mechanics.
  • Physical Optics.
  • Modern Physics.
  • Electronics.

Major equipments used in the laboratory :

  • The optic kit includes: optical bench plate, beam splitter, optical window, mirrors, lens set, slide set (gratings, polarizers, slits), He Ne laser light source, sodium light source, mercury light source, low voltage power supply, microscope, Diffraction grating, Michelson interferometer.
  • Maxwell's wheel apparatus, centrifugal force apparatus, G- pendulum apparatus, Gravitation torsion balance, torsion pendulum, set of induction voltage coils, Equipment set Compton scattering, solar collector, torsion apparatus.
  • Joule Thomson apparatus, temperature meter digital, steel cylinder CO2, steel cylinder nitrogen, rubber tubing vacuum.
  • Apparatus for freezing point depression, magnetic stirrer, precision balance, volumetric pipette, glass beaker, retort stand, hydroquinone, sodium chloride, ethyl alcohol, stop watch, temperature meter digital.
  • A mechanical equivalent of heat apparatus, spring balance, weights, friction cylinders.
  • Spectrum tube hydrogen and mercury, high voltage supply unit, meter scale, insulating support.
  • Thermal radiation system, Stefan Boltzmann lamp, basic digital multi meter, low voltage power supply.
  • Prism spectrometer kit, broad spectrum light, data studio software site license Gas elastic resonance apparatus, function generator, Mini can gas can Neon and Carbon dioxide, silicone tubing, rubber tubing.
  • Hot air engine, alcohol burner, AC-DC power supply, sensor Cassy (additionally required in the software Cassy Lab 2), rotary motion sensor, Temperature box, pressure sensor.
  • Photometry lamp housing, incandescent lamp 6V, 30 W, transformer, lux sensor, lux adapter, Pocket Cassy lab 2.
  • Physics Microwave accessories, Gunn Oscillator, large horn antenna, E-field probe.
  • Potentiometer (100ohm,0.4W)
  • Oscilloscope, functional generator, power supply AC-DC, resistor box, capacitor box, inductor box, electronics elements: transistors, diodes, capacitors, diodes Zener.

Laboratory serves the following courses (Fall/Spring2017/2018) :

Course Code Course Title Semester Hours/Week
PHYS 282 (T1) Material properties and heat Spring 2
PHYS 282 (T2) Material properties and heat Spring 2
PHYS242L Thermal Spring 2
PHYS244L Optics Spring 2
PHYS 442L Solid State Fall 2

Laboratory Information :

  • Building: C
  • Floor: B1
  • Room: D1002
  • Capacity: 20
  • Contact Name: Mahdi Fattah
  • Ext: 4014