Botany Laboratory

Brief Description :

The botany laboratory offers facilities to familiarize students with common experiments and principles necessary for a sound foundation in the plant sciences.

Topics include :

  • Identification of botanical slides.
  • Study plant morphology as (root and shoot systems)
  • The study of plant physiology by :
  • Testing the different pathways of metabolism
  • Measurement and characterization of Photosynthesis
  • Detection the factors that affect the photosynthesis process
  • Extract the plant pigments using different techniques
  • Analyze the seed germination process
  • 6-Methods for plant study including plant extraction, reducing and non-reducing sugar identification and titration

Major equipments used in the laboratory :

  • Light microscopes
  • Distilled water machine

Laboratory serves the following courses (Fall/Spring2017/2018) :

Course Code Course Title Semester Hours/Week
BIOL 336L Plant Physiology Laboratory Fall/Spring 2

Laboratory Information :

  • Building: C
  • Floor: B1
  • Room: C1004
  • Capacity: 20
  • Contact Name: Dr. Fatema Mchad
  • Ext: 4015