Computer Laboratory

Brief Description :

The computer laboratory offers many facilities not only for the faculty of science but also for all the faculties at the branch. It offers the practical parts almost for every theoretical offered course. In addition to that it is a part of the CCPE and English intensive programs where the courses are taken on line.

Topics include :

The Laboratory undertakes course-teaching, research, development and in a broad range of subjects within the disciplines of Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology. Current courses areas include programming languages, computer architecture, data structure and algorithm, database management system, distributed systems, numerical analysis, graphics and human-computer interaction, logic and semantics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, networking and wireless communication, operating systems and virtualization, programming, security, and sustainable computing.

Major equipments used in the laboratory :

The Computer Laboratories in the Computer Science Department are equipped with the latest computer technologies in terms of hardware, software and networking equipment. It is loaded with most of the operating systems that allow the students to have unprecedented hands on experience in the various software supporting the course requirements.

Laboratory serves the following courses (Fall/Spring2017/2018) :

Course Code Course Title Semester Hours/Week
CMPS 441 Fundamental Algorithm Fall 2
CMPS 447 Computer Networks Fall 2
CMPS 445 Concepts of Programming Fall 2
CMPS 241(T1) Intr. To Programming Fall 2
CMPS 343 Computer Organization & Architecture Fall 2
CMPS 347 Data Structures Fall 2
CMPS241 (T2) Intr. To Programming Fall 2
ENG 104 Intensive English Fall 2
CMPS 345 Discrete Structures II Fall 2
REVIT Revit (Faculy Of Arch) Fall 2
Health Science (T1) Health Science Fall 1
BIOL435 Seminar Biology Fall 1
Health Science (T2) Health Science Fall 1
CMPS325 Computer & Society Fall 1
COME384 Digital signal Processing Spring 2
CMPS242 Object oriented programming Spring 2
CMPS244 Digital Circuits Spring 2
CMPS442 Operating System Spring 2
CMPS344 Software Engineering Spring 2
POWE322 Electric Power II Spring 2
CMPS248 Discrete Structure I Spring 2
CMPS453 Artificial Intelligence Spring 2
CMPS246 Web Programming Spring 2
CMPS348 Compiler Construction Spring 2
CMPS342 Data Base System Spring 2

Laboratory Information :

  • Building: C
  • Floor: 3
  • Room: C305 and C306
  • Capacity: 60
  • Contact Name: Rami Ayoubi
  • Ext: 4012