Biology Laboratory

The Biology Laboratory is a multidisciplinary laboratory that incorporates biology and engineering disciplines and enables them to transform the theoretical knowledge of students into practice. Students can conduct basic experiments in biology, biochemistry, and bioengineering (Biomedical Engineering) courses in laboratory environment. In the past two years, various implementations and innovations were carried out to further improve the value of the laboratory. Thus, the biology laboratory received several visits from many Lebanese High School students who conducted specialized experimentation.

Infrastructure of the Laboratory

Education Light Microscopes, Kymographs, Electrocardiogram, Blood Pressure Monitor for Wrist, Water Bath, -80C cooling chambers, Fridges, Preserved animal and plant specimen and Prepared Laboratory Slides.


  • Learn about laboratory safety, proper conduct, and correct handling of biological specimens.
  • Examination of microscopical slides preserved animal and plant specimens.
  • Conducting several experiments that covers basic biology, developmental biology, ecology, and plant physiology courses (Osmosis, diffusion, photosynthesis,..).