Research Activities in the Department of Physics

The research activities in the Department of Physics revolve around two subthemes: Advanced Materials and computational sciences in the scope of science & Technology. Research interests of the Department also extend to the radiation physics field.

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials research at the Department of Physics focuses on synthesizing and characterizing novel nano-materials and studying their influence on the properties of high-temperature superconductors (HTSCs). In addition, the Materials Science research group in the department has been studying a wide variety of the properties of a recently discovered HTSC known as an iron-based superconductor, which is expected to have wide applications in industry in addition to its great scientific interest.

Selected publications:

  • R Najjar, R Awad, AM Abdel-Gaber, Electrical and mechanical properties of Mn2O3 nanoparticles / SmBa2Cu3O7-δ composite, Materials Research Innovations, 1-10, (2019).
  • J Al Boukhari, RS Hassan, R Awad, Improving the dielectric behavior of NiO nanoparticles by Samarium doping for electromagnetic applications, Materials Research Express 6 (11), 115094, (2019).
  • N El Ghouch, R Al-Oweini, R Awad, Synthesis, characterization and electrical properties of hybrid mono-iron-substituted undecatungstosilicate/(Bi, Pb)-2223 phase superconductors, Materials Research Express 6 (11), 116001, (2019).
  • H AbuHlaiwa, H Basma, M Rekaby, R Awad, Influence of lead fluoride on the mechanical properties of 1223 Phase, Applied Physics A 125 (10), 715, (2019).
  • W. Malaeb, H. Basma, R. Awad, T. Hibino, Y. Kamihara, “Improvement of the superconducting properties of GdBa2Cu3O7-δ withnano-sized ferrites addition”, (2019).
  • W. Malaeb, R. Awad, T. Hibino, Y. Kamihara, T. Kondo, S. Shin, “Electronic structure of the iron-based superconductor (La,Eu)FeAsO1-xFx investigated by laser photoemission spectroscopy”, Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter, 536, 781–784 (2018).
  • W. Malaeb, H. Basma, M. ME. Barakat, R. Awad, “Investigation of the mechanical properties of GdBa2Cu3O7-δ added with nano-sized ferrites ZnFe2O4 and CoFe2O4 using ultrasonic measurement”, Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 30, 3595-3602 (2017). 
  • T. Shimojima, W. Malaeb et al., “Antiferroic electronic structure in the nonmagnetic superconducting state of the iron-based superconductors", Science Advances 3: e1700466 (2017). 

Computational Sciences

Introduced a new approach in the perturbation theory (canonical functions) for the solution of the Schrödinger equation for the calculation of the vibrational energy levels for the ground and excited electronic states, the rotational and the centrifugal constants, the Franck-Condon factor and the matrix elements of molecules in the Raman and infrared transitions.

Determination, for the ground and excited states, the spectroscopic constants, rovibrational studies, the potential energy curves, the static and transition dipole moment, Franck-Condon factor, the radiation lifetime and the oscillator strength of the diatomic molecules.

Selected publications

  • M. Korek, N. El-Kork, “Solution of the Rovibrational Schrödinger Equation of a Molecule Using the Volterra Integral Equation”, Advances in Physical Chemistry volume 2018, Article ID 1487982, 11 pages (2018).
  • I. Zeid, T. Atallah, S. Kontar, W. Chmaisani, N. El-Kork, M. Korek, ““Solution of the Rovibrational Schrödinger Equation of a Molecule Using the Volterra Integral Equation”, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 1126, 16-32 (2018).
  • I. Zeid, N. El-Kork, M. Korek, “Electronic structure with the calculation of the rovibrational, and dipole moments of the electronic states of the NaBr and KBr molecules”, Chemical Physics 517, 36-47 (2019).

Research Interests of the Department of Physics also extend to:

Experimental Gamma-Rays Spectroscopy, Theoretical Computation of Gamma-ray Detector Efficiency, Radionuclide Metrology: Environmental Measurements, Radiation Protection and Radiation Measurements. 

Selected publications

  • Ahmed M. El-Khatib, Mahmoud I. Abbas, Mohamed Abd Elzaher, Mohamed. S. Badawi, Mahmoud T. Alabsy, Gharam A. Alharshan and Dalal A. Aloraini “Gamma Attenuation Coefficients of Nano Cadmium Oxide /High density Polyethylene Composites” (2019) Scientific Reports-Nature research 9:1601:
  • Mohamed. S. Badawi, Slobodan I. Jovanovic, Abouzeid. A. Thabet, Ahmed. M. l-Khatib, Aleksandar. D. Dlabac, Bohaysa. A. Salem, Mona. M. Gouda1, Nikola. N. Mihaljevic, Kholud. S. Almugren and Mahmoud. I. Abbas “Calibration of 4π NaI(Tl) detectors with coincidence summing correction using new numerical procedure and angle4 software” (2017) AIP ADVANCES 7, 035005.
  • Abouzeid. A. Thabet, A. Hamzawy and Mohamed. S. Badawi “New Mathematical Approach to Calculate the Geometrical Efficiency using Different Radioactive sources with Gamma-ray Cylindrical Shape Detectors” (2019) accepted for publication in Nuclear Engineering and Technology.
  • Zainab Alsayed, Mohamed S. Badawi, Ramadan Awad, Abouzeid A. Thabet, and Ahmed M. El-Khatib “Study of Some γ-Ray Attenuation Parameters for New Shielding Materials Composed of Nano Zno Blended With High Density Polyethylene” (2019) accepted for publication in NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY & RADIATION PROTECTION and would be printed in Vol. XXXIV, No. 4.