Tissue Culture Laboratory

To meet the challenges ahead calls for new and innovative ways of thinking and working in the field of biological and medical science; the tissue culture laboratory was of a great promise. At Beirut Arab University, Faculty of Science –Department of Biological sciences, a new tissue culture research laboratory was designed in 2017, established at 2018 and completely launched in 2019. The establishment of a well-functioning laboratory for the culture of several human cancer cell lines provides the foundation for successful culture and experimentation for researchers.

The Tissue Culture Laboratory provides the increased capacity and capability to offer a variety of cell culture support services to all BAU faculties ‘investigators; An exciting phase of basic cell research in coordination with clinical cancer chemotherapy approaches are in action: Everything needed to grow and experiment on cell lines are available, whether immortalized, transformed or primary cell cultures.

Infrastructure of the Laboratory

Trinocular Inverted Microscope with Digital Camera, Fluorescence microscope with digital camera, CO2 incubator, Western Blot (protein detection device), Vertical and horizontal gel electrophoresis, Cold Centrifuge (with three rotors), Class II Biological safety Cabinet, liquid nitrogen tank, Safe Aspitation Station and Kit.


  • Pharmacological effects of new drug molecules or candidate drug molecules on healthy and cancer cell progenies are analyzed by molecular techniques for elucidation of mechanisms of action thereof.
  • Molecular studies on determination of pharmacological effects of various plant extracts, which are raw materials of drugs.
  • Potential genotoxic effects of compounds are determined using various genotoxicity tests.
  • Conducting basic research and a wide range of clinical in vitro studies (vaccine research, protein therapeutics, cancer research).