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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers a Bachelor Degree (B. Eng.) in Mechanical Engineering. The undergraduate program seeks to empower students to pursue successful career and to create a learning environment in which the students can develop their creative and critical thinking. The program applies the principles of mechanics, material science and energy to the design of machines and the usage of heat and fluid Flow for the design of heating and cooling systems, hydraulic systems and power generations.

The undergraduate program involves not only a weighed balance between theoretical and practical issues, but also between technical and non-technical (cultural) aspects. On a yearly basis, Mechanical Engineering students participate in the ‘Engineering-Day Event’ organised by the Faculty of Engineering with a large number of activities comprising engineering projects of all disciplines. In this event, Mechanical Engineering students are able to show their interests, skills and creativity by displaying and presenting their projects.

Moreover, Training centers within the Department of Mechanical Engineering are available and operational. Students can attend, follow and participate in practical trainings and short courses in a specialised engineering field of their own choice. Common courses and fields are Plumbing, Firefighting, Automotive Technology and others. These training courses have proved to be beneficial to those who want to develop and enhance their practical experiences within a specialised Mechanical Engineering field .

In modern society, high quality Mechanical Engineering graduates are needed for their professional skills and expertise. Mechanical Engineering offers an exciting and rewarding environment where many skills are brought together to enable the undergraduate student to become proficient in:

  • How and where analytical engineering science, physics and mathematics are applicable
  • How utilising and managing resources are important to society and businesses
  • How it is necessary to communicate and present concepts to engineers and the public

Mechanical engineers play key roles in all industrial sectors ranging from oil and gas, aerospace through transport and food to manufacturing, petrochemical, building services and entertainment industries. Professional mechanical engineers are placed at the forefront of the exploration and management of the earth’s natural resources. These challenges are clearest in the field of energy production and energy technology where the long term security of supply and demand of energy continues to be an issue of major technological and political importance.

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The Mechanical Engineering department offers the following undergraduate programs:

The Mechanical Engineering department offers the following graduate programs: