Practical Training

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Procedures for Students to Set-up an Internship - Practical Training

  • Contact the internship sponsor at the location you wish to work to determine whether they are accepting internship applications.
  • Take relevant course work specific to the setting and consult your department’s practical training committee for the prerequisite courses deemed necessary.
  • If selected for the internship, complete a Practical Training Study Form in early June (before the summer training) and submit it to your department’s practical training committee.
  • The department’s chair and your on-site supervisor will also need to sign the form after it is completed. The form is then submitted to the Registrar's Office to officially enroll in the internship for course credit.
  • The intern typically will be able to meet with their department’s practical training committee during the week 7 and week 8 of the summer semester to discuss the internship experience.
  • The intern must notify their department’s practical training committee immediately of any concerns about the internship.
  • At the end of the practical training (end of summer semester), the department’s practical training committee will be asked to complete a Student Evaluation Form.
  • Upon the department approval, the intern must register the internship course in the Fall semester that follows the internship period (Summer semester)

Grading Policies

The internship coordinator/faculty is available to provide the assistance and direction that may need along the way to successfully implement their internship.

At the start of the semester that follows the Internship assignment, each program organizes an exhibition where students display their practical training in a form of a poster or their independent study in a form of a report. The submitted poster or report must detail the following points:

  • Employer/Industry summary (type of company, department, product/service provided, location)
  • Responsibilities carried out by the student
  • Work carried out by the student
  • Usage of academic knowledge in the work placement (strength and weakness)
  • Accomplishments

To enter the poster-exhibition, student must submit a confirmation letter (official certificate of practical training) from the company to prove that he/she accomplished the required training.

Assessment Item Marks
Daily book signed by the industrial supervisor(s) 30%
Poster design (all requirement are included and detailed) 20%
Student Evaluation (refer to Student Evaluation Form) 50%