Internship Program

The Internship is a part of BAU educational program. It furthers the student’s intellectual, professional and personal growth. Ideally, it will enable student to relate his/her educational/information background to a specific career field to test skills and interests in that field, and to apply textbook theory in a viable work setting. BAU believes that the internship program is an exciting opportunity for its students to contribute to their future success. During the internship period, the student observes the work conducted in an industrial/consulting firm and participates in actual work functions as an aid to apply engineering principles and skills under employer supervision.

The Practical Training/Independent Study is a 1-cr assignment intended to give senior students the opportunity to consolidate their academic studies and link them to industry. The aim is to make their transition to the job market as smooth as possible. To be useful, the assignment cannot be undertaken before the student has acquired at least 120-crs. As the name implies, the assignment can take either one of two modes:

Practical Training

This is the preferred mode as it satisfies better the intended goal. The training can be carried out in any institution with engineering activities, including but not limited to contractors, design and consultancy offices, factories, companies, and government circles. The student must obtain approval from the Faculty before he commences training. The training period should not be less than 4 weeks. A daily book must be maintained by the student during the training where he/she logs in it the daily activities carried out.
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Independent Study

If for any compelling reason a practical training opportunity off campus cannot be secured, the student will be assigned a faculty supervisor who will propose for him/her an independent study instead. The study must involve some practical aspects so as to fulfill the ultimate goal of this activity. The study period will be carried out during the summer semester.
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