Software License Agreement between KAPPA and BAU

25 October 2016


With pleasure that, the Chemical and Petroleum Department Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, announces the Software License Agreement between KAPPA and BAU.

Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, President of BAU, and Mr. Olivier Nouze, Managing Director of KAPPA has signed the agreement in 25 October 2016.

Dr. Rami Harkouss, assistant professor at the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, has contacted Mr. Walid Choueiri, representative of the Kappa Middle East Asia, Bahrain Company and reached this agreement where KAPPA grants to BAU the license to use 7 software for 25 users (Saphir NL, Topaze NL, Rubis, Azurite, Emeraude, Citrine and Amethyste). These precious software will be used in the undergraduate program of the department, especially in the courses of Reservoir and Production Engineering.

Finally, BAU thanks KAPPA for this generous donation that valuates 1,800,000.00 euros (one million eight hundred thousands euros) and hopes to collaborate together in other domains in the future.