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Manal Fattoum

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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Manal Fattoum

Assistant Professor

Dr. Manal K. Fattoum is an Assistant Professor - Communications & Electronics Engineering Department - at Beirut Arab University in Beirut, Lebanon. She received her undergraduate degree in CEE (2003) from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon, Manal Fattoum under the supervision of Professor Soubhi Abo Chahine and Associate Professor Hamza Issa received her Ph.D. in Communications & Electronics Engineering, Microwave & Radio Frequency sector from Beirut Arab University in 2020. 


Common Courses

MATH281 - Linear Algebra

MATH283 - Differential Equations

MATH284 - Numerical Analysis

University Electrives 

WRNL200 - Work Ready Now

CEE program - Core Courses

COME380 - Communication Theory & Systems I

COME485 - Communication Theory & Systems II

COME372 - Propagation & Antennas I

COME473 - Propagation & Antennas II

Technical Elective Courses

COME520 - Advanced Antenna Design 



Research Theme: 

Microwave Engineering and Radio Frequency Systems