English Language and Literature

Department of English Language and Literature


Inspired by the mission of the Faculty of Arts, the Department of English provides maximum opportunities for learning, addresses new challenges and responsibilities in a demanding environment where quality is paramount, enables the personal development of individuals, and develops the mental and intellectual potential of students by promoting critical thinking and sustainable learning for life and professional experience. This is achieved through providing a relaxed atmosphere in which a liberal education offers diversity within the realms of personal goals, aspirations and individuality.

Objectives 

Encouraging personal growth through research, attending conferences, conducting research projects. 

Supervising academic theses according to the Department's research plan and policies based upon the job-market needs. 

Encouraging interdisciplinary studies and research. 

Providing students with state-of-the-art workshops, training courses and knowledge. 

Encouraging students to think analytically and critically. 

Providing students with a warm, interactive and active environment which motivates students to seek self-development and self-improvement. 

Encouraging students to participate in recreational and cultural activities. 

Preparing graduates capable of coping with the challenges of a constantly changing job-market.


The English Language and Literature department offers the following undergraduate programs:

The English Language and Literature department offers the following graduate programs: