Dean of Faculty of Human Sciences

Prof. Mayssah El-Nayal

Dean of Faculty of Human Sciences

The Faculty of Human Sciences was founded in 1960 as the first faculty at Beirut Arab University. In those early days, it was called the Faculty of Arts, and the name was changed in 2016 to keep abreast with world-wide developments and trends. The Faculty of Human Sciences encompasses various disciplines of the humanities ranging from social sciences to three major languages. This academic structure of the Faculty is a clear manifestation of its importance and its substantial contribution to the educational institution in Lebanon, but also to the academic life of the students of BAU. Thus, we offer the largest number of University Mandatory and Elective Courses on all four campuses.

In the light of the rapid changes and progress in the fields of technology and knowledge, the Faculty of Human Sciences upholds a philosophy of growth and sustainable development. Over the last five years, the Faculty introduced and launched a new curriculum of 99 Credit Hours, which allows students to graduate in three years. We have also introduced and launched a significant number of new diplomas and postgraduate programs to provide graduates and researchers with a wider scope of job-market related academic degrees. In 2017, the Psychology Program attained a five-year international accreditation by the Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS), thus setting the course towards new horizons.

The swift changes sweeping through society have a major impact on the job-market, which no longer requires merely knowledgeable graduates. Job-seekers, today, need to demonstrate sharpened soft skills, communication skills, stamina, interpersonal skills, and a cutting-edge of creativity and innovativeness. To address these evolving needs, we are constantly introducing new and inspiring methods in learning and teaching, focusing on self-development, continuous learning and building our students’ character and personality. Our aim is not merely to produce graduates worthy of the reputation of BAU, capable of satisfying the needs of the job-market. We aim to give rise to a generation of young people able to collaborate, to compete, to create and to lead, with great enthusiasm, dedication and aspiration.

The Faculty of Human Sciences is your second home and family. We offer you learning, but also support, a life and a solid foundation for a prosperous future.