Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program is offered by the Language Centre which is located in Beirut Campus. This program was established to satisfy the needs for English language proficiency due to the alteration of the medium of instruction to English and due to the requirements of the job market. Thus, it fulfills the essential role of equipping university students as well as external students, in all programs and at all levels, with the various language communication proficiency skills and with cultural awareness for coping with contemporary issues in the global community. The Intensive English Program helps students meet the varying academic and cultural needs associated with pursuing any major at the University. Students will learn an appropriate mix of academic, as well as functional English, whilst integrating skills to support learning and growth.

The program is divided into 5 levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference CEFR. It employs traditional, blended and online teaching/learning techniques to help students master the English Language. Projects, including speeches and presentations, are a part of all levels.

  • Level 1/INTE 100-101: Students are introduced to the English language and the focus is on everyday use.
  • Level 2/INTE 102: Students continue to focus on the fundamentals of social English and apply what they learn to daily conversation.
  • Level 3/INTE 103: Students work on strengthening written and conversational skills in an academic setting through reading and listening.
  • Level 4/INTEA 104: The focus of the class shifts towards advanced academic content based on the skills of reading and writing.
  • Level 5/ADV 105: The focus is on formal and advanced reading, writing and conversation skills.