Covid-19 awareness

10 December 2020


Abiding by BAU’s strategy to ensure community service, the faculty of Health Sciences organized an awareness session on December 10 2020 for students of the Hariri institution about Covid-19 with the participation of students from the four majors.

Students were divided into groups according to major where the Nursing students talked about the definition, symptoms, methods of transmission of the infection and how to avoid the transmission of infection while the Physical therapy explained the importance and role of respiratory exercises, chest expansion training ,methods of removal of secretions and how to be physically active during lockdown.

Medical Lab students also explained the techniques used for testing including the PCR and other immunity tests, while the Nutrition students stressed on the importance of proper nutrition for boosting the immune system and improving their health which has a major role in fighting the infection

At the end of the session, students distributed brochures, face masks, hand gel sanitizers and face shields to the attendees.