Nursing Simulation Laboratory

Nursing laboratory provides a supportive and caring environment for nursing students to learn, practice, and demonstrate nursing skills before confronting real situations in hospitals.

This lab is designed to prepare the students in the intellectual, practical and communication domains for the provision of therapeutic, accurate and safe nursing care to patients, families and communities in various health care settings. It is equipped to facilitate the acquisition of skills related to a particular specialty.

The students are supervised and assessed by both faculty professors and clinical tutors. Various clinical competencies are demonstrated using models or simulators. Students re-demonstrates and peer education is practiced to ensure acquisition of skills and up to date clinical evaluation systems.

Lab Manager

Mr. Mohamad Itani

5th Floor - 511 - Hariri building

+961 1 300110 Ext: 2871

Biomedical Laboratory

The mission of the Biomedical Laboratory is to train and graduate competent and ethically established clinical laboratory technologists and professionals with the knowledge and the skills for career entry.

It is also the lab’s mission to prepare graduates for leadership roles in the clinical laboratory and professional organizations and to instill an understanding of the need for maintaining continuing competency in a rapidly changing and dynamic profession.

Lab Manager

Mrs. Lama Hanbali

5th Floor - 518 - Hariri building

+961 1 300110 Ext: 2741

Miss Niveen El Masri

5th Floor - 518 - Hariri building

+961 1 300110 Ext: 2741

Nutrition & Dietetics Laboratory

The main goal of the nutrition laboratory is to build the necessary practical and critical thinking skills of the students needed for dietetic practice. The nutrition laboratories are designed to provide the students with the opportunity to learn and practice nutrition assessment skills including anthropometric measurements as well as evaluation of nutrient composition and dietary intake assessment. In addition the students will have the opportunity to practice meal planning skills including determination of and distribution of energy and macronutrients needs over daily meals to ensure adequate nutritional intake for the individual. The student will practice conversion of nutrient and energy needs into commonly consumed food items of defined portion size based on disease specific exchange lists and food composition tables.

Furthermore the student will have the opportunity to practice evidence based medical nutrition therapy skills and knowledge by dealing with theoretical case studies.

The case studies presented through the laboratory session will cover clinical conditions including but not limited to obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiology, dyslipidemias, CVD, food allergies, metabolic disorders, post-surgical management, renal & renal replacement therapy, transplants, and critical illness.Cases in different life stages are presented to emphasize the difference in nutritional needs and medical nutrition therapy for each disease condition in different age groups. The students are assessed by both faculty professors and tutors to ensure acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Lab Manager

Miss Dana Masri

6th Floor - Hariri building

+961 1 300110 Ext: 2766