Certified breast feeding specialist

02 February 2020


Dr Leila Itani was awarded the title,” Certified Breast Feeding Specialist” as of February 2 2020. The certification is accredited by Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC). This status entitles Dr. Itani to provide advice to mothers with infants 0-23 months of age related to 1) Benefits and importance of breast feeding to the mother and infant 2) Prepartum education for preparation for breastfeeding 2) Early initiation and maintenance of breastfeeding 3) Signs of effective breastfeeding 4) Assessment and management of breast feeding difficulties related to mother and infant ( decreased milk supply, refusal of breast, milk allergy, breastfeeding twins, tandum feeding etc..) 5) Maintenance of breastfeeding along with complementary feeding until 2 years and beyond.