Launching of the Physical Therapy Telehealth service

10 March 2021


Physical therapy department gladly announces that it started offering the Telehealth service in-translation to it’s mission and vision, deepening it’s public engagement, and increasing the patient flow

Physical Therapy Telehealth sessions are adopted to discuss varieties of cases and where the patients are involved in their management process. The patient will be examined and assessed under the supervision of Faculty members online through TEAMS in the presence of students attending the session. For new patient, the first session will be around 60 minutes evaluation, the patient will be asked questions such as , demographic data, current condition, reason for referral, past medical and family history, activities, social history and participation to collect all the data required for the assessment. Then the patient will be guided to inspect and palpate him/herself and report findings and asked to perform some movements, actions, and special tests to help identify the problem and reach the correct Physical Therapy diagnosis. The major part of the plan of treatment will be focused on patient's education about reducing pain, inflammation, swelling and to promote awareness about lifestyle changing which will be the first step toward recovery. A treatment plan will be discussed and provided to the patient using basic Physical Therapy interventions, physical agents and customized exercises which can be explained through pictures or videos. Follow up and re-evaluation visits will be scheduled with the patient to assess progress and improvement, then modifications and progression of activities and treatment will be explained and demonstrated.

•    Physical Therapy Telehealth sessions take place 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) from 8:00 am till 1:00 pm

Book your telehealth appointment by calling Dr.Rami Abbas: 03942067 or Dr. Ayman EL Khatib 71/587317