Webinar Series: Statistics in Biomedical Research.

16 November 2023


Highlight of the webinar series: Statistics in Biomedical Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences, a training program organized by Dr. Salim Moussa, Department of Medical Laboratory Technology, in partnership with the Institute of Human Genetics (IGH) in Montpellier, France. The program was attended by postgraduate students and researchers from Lebanon and France. Dr. Herve SEITZ, a renowned expert in teaching biostatistics for research, gave three exclusive training sessions on November 16 and 17. The event is a sign of a very dynamic international collaboration in support of research.

By the end of the webinar series, participants have learned basic concepts that can be generalized to many statistical tests. They are now able to find information on their own for more complicated cases.

Here are the links to replay the sessions:

Day 1:

Code secret: 0!@y9UGy

Day 2:

Code secret: n76fZs&6