Arabic Language and Contemporary Linguistics

26 February 2019


The Faculty of Human Sciences, Beirut Arab University, organized its first International Conference, entitled Arabic Language and Contemporary Linguistics. The conference brought together scholars from various Arab Countries including Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Sudan. Focusing on major contemporary issues raised by globalization and technology, the conference hosted two keynote speakers, Prof. Gaber Asfour, Egyptian ex-Minister of Culture, and Prof. Ismail Serageldin, Founding Director of the Biblioteca Alexandrina in Egypt. The two conference-days covered six sessions which tackled various themes, such as “Contemporary Linguistics and Arabic”, “Creativity and the Enrichment of Language”, “Translation and Terminology in Arabic”, “New Trends in Critical and Literary Studies”, “Arabic and the Quran” and “Arabic and the Challenges of Culture and Identity”. The conference closed with a number of important recommendations.