Less Teaching More Learning

28 November 2015

The Faculty of Arts & The Language Centre, in cooperation with Cambridge University Press, organized a one-day workshop entitled Less Teaching, More Learning on 28/11/2015 in Beirut Campus. The series of workshops started with GES Keynote Presenter, Josephine Bond, who presented a paper on Autonomous Adult English Learners to be followed by the Managing Director and Curriculum Support Specialist at GES, Mr. Hanna Khouri’s paper on Active Teaching. The Language Centre’s instructors also dealt with some of the current issues in teaching and learning and presented up-to-date teaching techniques of interest to teachers of all EFL levels in Lebanon. Such techniques help develop the teachers’ professional competences in order to become more efficient and effective in their teaching methods. Various procedures and activities were presented to increase teachers’ potential and creativity and make them more proactive when it comes to facing new challenges. Many EFL teachers from various schools and universities in Lebanon enthusiastically participated in the workshops where the focus was mainly on implementing new knowledge and sharing experiences among each other.