• Patient & Population Care
  • Essential Medical Knowledge
  • Practice and Evidence - Based Learning
  • Communication Skills
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Health Care System and Cost Effective Practice


  1. Foundations of Medicine
  2. Clinical Practice
  3. Professional Development
  4. Medicine and Society
  5. Research


The main purpose of this theme, which runs longitudinally, is to provide a structure to develop students' abilities in dealing with society and population issues. Also, in this theme, students learn to consider the social, environmental and behavioral contexts of illness and the practice of medicine. They also learn about the healthcare system in Lebanon, concepts of health, epidemiology, epidemiologic variables and biostatistics, environmental health, health promotion, health education plan, community diversity, population, and a global view of health.


By the time of completing basic medical education programme, the BAU medical graduate should be able to:

  • Set proper strategies to promote health and prevent disease.
  • Recognize the beliefs and contributions of health consumers to their care.
  • Conduct a cost-effective approach to the provision of medical care.
  • Understand the contributions of research to effective health care practice.
  • Understand the influences of age, gender, culture, ethnicity and spiritual beliefs in medicine.
  • Be aware about the relationship between ‘traditional’ and other models of health care practice.
  • Understand the contribution of the scientific method of medicine and the nature of evidence.

Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC) are designated as the main teaching sites for students trained in Family Medicine module.

Sesobel is a non-governmental organization established in 1976 by Yvonne Chami and is registered at the Ministry of the Interior. It accompanies more than 600 children and young persons with disability. For over 30 years, SESOBEL has taken all possible steps to accompany their families as partners in facing life’s challenges. Sesobel has worked equally hard with all elements of society for them to recognize the value, dignity, and respect for children with disabilities.