Training Hospitals/Centers


An important aspect of the medical program is the Hospital Clinical Training. The BAUFM has academic affiliation with several hospitals, where undergraduate and postgraduates medical students receive their training.

Makassed General Hospital is a 200 patient-bed, which is located in a heavily populated area of Beirut. It is among the top medical facilities in Lebanon and is supported by more than 200 attending and resident physicians and 640 technical and administrative staff. It serves nearly 100,000 in-patients and in excess of 50,000 outpatient visits per year.

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Dar al Ajazza al Islamia Hospital, was established in 1952, and has an immense capacity of medical services. The hospital still has a lack of place to meet the great demand which is exposed to. An important part of the training of BAU_FM medical students is to visit and have exposure to patients at Dar Al-Ajaza Al-Islamia Hospital, which is a charitable human institution that offers medical aid.

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Rafic Hariri University Hospital (RHUH)is a public independent establishment that offers medical services to Lebanese citizens in Beirut and all other regions, by ensuring care and hospitalization services in an academic frame, and by offering an excellent quality of treatment and health follow-up. Rafik Hariri University Hospital is committed to offer excellent medical care, in accordance with international standards to Lebanese citizens and to foreigners, at affordable prices. Rafik Hariri University Hospital includes 430 beds and 14 operating rooms. It delivers a full range of primary and highly specialized care provided by professional and dedicated staff. The hospital offers academic training to young doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dietitians through affiliations with several universities. It deals with ministry of public health, social security national fund, private insurance companies and all other competent authorities that care in the Lebanese society health and offer medical services to it.Rafik Hariri University Hospital is served by a fully automated medical information system and electronic patient health record. Moreover, it provides remote medical services (telemedicine).

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BAU Healthcare Center (BAUHC) intends to be a distinguished university healthcare center in the fields of health care, education, and research. BAUHC is the right place where a team of competent and empathetic physicians, nurses, and health care providers treat patients with respect and compassion. It aims at developing an environment of comprehensive care that responds to the ambulatory health needs of Beirut Arab University (BAU) community and Lebanese community in general. September 6th, 2018 marked the launching of BAUHC where it started serving BAU students, staff and employees, as well as community members from outside BAU, with a commitment to improve the health of the community by providing quality and affordable healthcare services and wellness programs that meet people needs and ensure patient satisfaction in a distinctive environment for education and research. The center offers a wide range of medical specialties including family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat, endocrinology, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, psychiatry, dermatology, and pulmonary medicine.

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Ebad El Rahman Healthcare Center (ERHC) is a primary healthcare center that provides different ambulatory medical services at low or no cost. It provides medical care to patients in need without discrimination. Medications as well and some basic diagnostic procedures are offered for free. The load of patients in ERHC provides an excellent opportunity for BAUFM medical students to get exposed to ambulatory cases, primarily acute cases.

Ajyaluna Healthcare Center (AHC) This healthcare center emerged from Ajyaluna organization, which is a non-profit organization engaged in charitable, cultural, social, healthcare, educational programs. It provides good exposure to chronic cases for medical students.

AHC serves around 12,000 patients each year, providing ambulatory medical services at no cost. Specialty services include family medicine, geriatrics, endocrinology, pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, otolaryngology (ENT), cardiovascular, dermatology, pulmonary medicine, gynecology/ obstetrics, orthopedics, physiotherapy, dietetics, and social counseling. Each year, especially children and patients who require several medical examinations and follow-up, in addition to the elderly.

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Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation (HKCC) is a Primary healthcare center located in Bourj Hammoud – Lebanon since 1941. It is recognized as an NGO and is part of the Lebanese national primary healthcare network that operates in collaboration and partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

HKCC receives an average of 3500 patients per month to seven different departments seeking physicians’ consultations, vaccination, nutritional counseling and other medical services.

BAUFM medical students started rotating at HKCC from the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020, to increase the ambulatory exposure, as well as the spectrum of exposure to various conditions.

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