Students' International Organizations “The Lebanese Medical Students' International Committee (LeMSIC)”

LeMSIC is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit student-run organization that represents medical students in Lebanon. It is a full National Member Organization (NMO) of the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA). LeMSIC was founded in the 1960s by active medical students from the American University of Beirut (AUB). Unfortunately, with the onset of the Lebanese civil war, all the committees' activities ceased. They were reactivated in 1997, with the launching of the Exchange Program and of the IFMSA's 6th International HIV/AIDS Summer School. After that milestone-founding year, LeMSIC re-established itself both locally and internationally, and has grown to embrace hundreds of active medical students in its various standing committees. The participation of BAUFM students in this committee started five years ago, when a small team of ten students from all academic years, led by Hani Hafez, a third year student at that time, presented a reform to LeMSIC’s Executive Board, to incorporate BAUFM into the Organization, while at the same time, organizing “Introduction Presentation” to the Faculty Members, staff, and students about LeMSIC as part of a larger association; the IFMSA. Based on that, in addition to the high students’ contribution throughout that academic year of in Public Health, LeMSIC-BAU team signed their contract with their first Standing Committee, the one related to Public Health in September 2013. BAUFM incorporation into the organization proved later on to have significantly improved LeMSIC’s productivity, and LeMSIC-BAU team has been leading by example ever since, as they signed with 5 Standing Committees out of a total of 6 throughout the past few years, while aiming to start SCORE soon (Standing Committee on Research Exchange). Listed below are some achievements of LeMSIC-BAU:

  • More than 360 Students from different all academic levels in BAU are members of LeMSIC-BAU team.
  • A well established Professional Exchange Program in one of our affiliated hospital (Makassed General Hospital) with more than 30 foreign students over 2 years so far received.
  • More than 50 students from BAUFM were given the chance to experience clinicl rotations through LeMSIC SCOPE Program with different hospitals around the World.
  • Many LeMSIC-BAU Teams Members grew up to be elected as national officers and part of LeMSIC’s National Executive Board; same Board BAU students used to apply for to be part of LeMSIC.
  • One of the remarkable achievements is that “Tania Abi Nassif”, BAU student, became National Officer on Public Health, “Iyad Mohtar” National Officer on Professional Exchange, “Rayya Fayyad” National Officer on Medical Education, and “Lara Ghaddar” is currently the Training Support Division Director.

LeMSIC-BAU Team gave Pioneers on the International Level as well, as Hani Hafez was appointed by the IFMSA to be the WHO and IFMSA Representative in Public Health of the Eastern Mediterranean Region “SCOPH EMR- Regional Assistant” for the Year 2014-2015. He was also appointed on the same year, as Representative of IFMSA to lead a delegation in World Conference on Tobacco and Health (WCTOH) in Abu Dhabi, and had the chance to meet with with WHO Director “Dr.Chang”.



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