Empowering Healthcare: Faculty of Pharmacy Engages at Pharmacy Day Conference Conducted by the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui

12 October 2023


In recognition of Pharmacy Day, the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui University Medical Center hosted a conference on October 12th, 2023, under the theme "Pharmacy Day: Pharmacy Strengthening Health Systems." This significant event illuminated the indispensable role played by pharmacists as vital members of healthcare systems, especially amidst the challenging economic circumstances and medication shortages faced by Lebanon. The conference featured comprehensive discussions on prevalent medical conditions, shedding light on the challenges experienced by Lebanese pharmacists and presenting innovative solutions to navigate these difficulties. Attendees were enlightened on emergency preparedness protocols and explored the Meditrack software designed to enhance healthcare services. Distinguished participants, including policy makers, physicians, and pharmacists, came together to share insights and devise strategies for a resilient healthcare future. Dr. Deema Rahme, a clinical assistant professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, expertly moderated the insightful session on "Thrombosis Risk Assessment." The conference was also graced by the presence of dedicated faculty instructors, senior pharmacy students, and PharmD students at BAU, highlighting the collaborative efforts to fortify Lebanon's healthcare landscape.