Digital Services

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facebook groups: BAU Faculty of Dentistry or BAU Faculty of Dentistry / Alumni

Official Closed Groups of BAU Faculty of Dentistry or BAU Faculty of Dentistry / Alumni on Facebook, designed to socially connect students and faculty staff members and keep them updated with the latest news, events, official announcements, scientific activities social activities and events hapenning in the faculty.


Dentrooper Edu is the education version for dental universities and faculties of the brilliant dentistry software. In addition to all the features of Dentrooper, the educational version has some extra modules that allow the creation of courses and requirements, step by step supervision over the students, student progress monitoring and attendance, grading and assessment methods and help you interact more effectively with students, instructors and patients using General Consultation Module, Reception Module, Student Module, Instructor Module, Security Module, Accounting Module and Reporting Module.


I-connect is secure site that provides students, faculty and administrative staff with world-class Intranet and Internet services. This is where you can check e-mail, register for courses, and explore the Internet.

Media Resources

Media Resources are located on the third floor of the main building and provide facilities and support services necessary for academic staff and student users. Resources staff members play a critical role in the creative design of materials and are involved in the production aspects of instructional materials including print media, photography, audio/video, illustration and presentation graphics. Services include copying tests, reports, transcripts, legal documents, supplementary teaching materials such as course outlines, syllabi and handouts. Other services include offset printing of clinic and office materials. Self-service copy card and access code copiers, located in the library, are provided and maintained for small volume use by academic staff and students.