Vision & Mission

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To be an internationally-recognized leading dental institution with an outstanding impact on oral health through excellence in education, patient-centered care, community-based research and public health services.


The Faculty of Dentistry is committed to provide its students with high quality dental education and advanced training through the integration of contemporary science-based knowledge and innovative technology into the delivery of patient care. In order to achieve the primary goal of improving the oral health of the diverse population, the Faculty will continue to respond effectively to changes in education, health care delivery and research to ensure a supply of committed professional graduates who are able to provide optimum oral health care service.

Core Values

The Faculty of Dentistry at BAU holds the following core values:

  • Integrity: To adhere to ethics, honesty, accuracy, fairness and professionalism in all daily activities.
  • Respect: To treat each other with civility and dignity.
  • Creativity: To enhance critical thinking and innovativeness for personal skills development.
  • Leadership: To develop leadership and management skills at various levels and continue to learn and share ideas.
  • Excellence: To recruit and retain qualified academic professionals, maintain outstanding academic and clinical experience, and provide innovative interprofessional education. Moreover, to develop critical thinkers and lifelong learners and developing leadership in oral health care and community service.
  • Diversity: To promote tolerance of differences and respect the diversity of its academic and administrative staff, students, and patients with equity and fairness.
  • Accountability: To be committed to maintain the loyalty and good will of our community.
  • Social Responsibility: To contribute to the society‚Äôs needs, services, intellectual, cultural, spiritual and economic progress.

Strategic Objectives

  • To prepare graduates with a strong foundation of evidence-based dental education, comprehensive clinical practice, cultural competency and values that satisfy the needs of the national, regional and international job-market through the continuous reform of curricula.
  • To provide and promote the delivery of optimal patient-centered oral healthcare and community service with emphasis on prevention in a variety of settings to fulfill the needs of a diverse population.
  • To contribute significantly to the advancement of high quality research.
  • To act as a source of life-long learning and provide continual professional development.
  • To strengthen academic cooperation and relations at the national and international levels.