Quality Assurance Unit

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In complying with its vision, mission and objectives, the Faculty of Dentistry has established the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) in November 2010. The unit is administratively managed by the Dean and technically by the University Quality Assurance Unit (UQAU).

The QAU comprises of the Dean, QAU director, two staff members, two student representatives and IT assistants.

The QAU at the Faculty of Dentistry is committed to applying modern strategies to improve the performance of the faculty at all levels. QAU is concerned with the assurance of the quality of the procedures applied in a framework within which the faculty can examine and enhance its performance in education, research, community service, administration and management while aiming for excellence in dental education, patient care and research.

Therefore, the QAU has set a clear vision, mission.


Excellence in applying the international quality standards to achieve a distinguishable position among the corresponding faculties in terms of dental education, research and patient care.


Establish international quality systems that assess and monitor the performance of the faculty at all levels.