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Dentistry Library

The library offers a full range of services and resources in support of the educational, research and clinical programs of the Faculty of Dentistry. It serves undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic and clinical staff.

Library users can access: Online library catalogue, online databases, lectures and videos.

Topic Search, Teachers, librarians and student researchers can use this database to explore current events, social, political and economic issues, scientific discoveries and other popular topics frequently discussed.

Dentistry Library

A network of academic libraries in Lebanon whose main objective in the broadest sense is to share documents not available in the user’s local library thus increasing access to information materials for students and academic staff. BAU libraries became a member in this network, and offered this service for dentistry users and all other faculties.

Dentistry library provides free library classes by the beginning of every academic year for improving students research skills. These classes help students in the searching methods, conducting research in electronic databases and using the library catalogue.

Dentistry library contains books, electronic books, journals, electronic journals and multimedia.

BAU Faculty of Dentistry library holds about 1642 books titles that cover the following specialties:

Adhesive Dentistry, Anesthesia and Sedation, Basic Non Dental, Clinics review articles, Community Dentistry, Dental Anatomy and Oral Biology, Dental assistant, Dental Biomaterials, Dental Practice Management, Examinations, Esthetics, Endodontics, Education, Implantology, Infection Control, Laser, Miscellaneous Books, Medical Emergencies, Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology, Occlusion and TMJ, Oral Surgery, Operative Dentistry, Oral Radiology, Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Plan, Orofacial Pain, Orthodontics, Periodontology, Photography, Public Health, Prevention, Pediatric Dentistry, Prosthodontics.

Working Hours: Monday till Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Librarian: Farah Islambouli

Room: 337
Phone: +961 1 300 110 ext: 2434