Historical Background

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In 1995, Beirut Arab University (BAU) established its Faculty of Dentistry as the 9th faculty to ensure that the training and education given to future dentists provides them with the skills needed for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities related to teeth and associated oral tissues. The Faculty of Dentistry at BAU offers a five-year dental degree program that enables students to earn the didactic, diagnostic and practical skills required for the treatment of oral and dental diseases in a private setting as well as for the community at large. The Credit Hour System was adopted in 2005, thereby offering students a more adaptable and responsive course of study which is recognized by the higher education authorities in Lebanon and equivalent to international standards assuring a better career in dentistry and promoting interaction between dentists and dental health professionals.

The new strategy adopted the philosophy of integrating the biomedical sciences with clinical activities and focused on continuous rather than summative assessment throughout the program.

Throughout the years, BAU has been committed to preserving the important ties with the Arab and Islamic civilization and promoting its heritage, in addition to enforcing cultural and scientific collaboration with other Arab as well as international universities.