Pharmacy Night 2019

19 March 2019


Over 250 Faculty members and pharmacy students from all levels gathered on 19 March 2019 at Coral Beach Hotel to attend the annual pharmacy night organized by fifth level pharmacy students. The gathering aimed to build connections between pharmacy students from all levels and to celebrate senior students.

Representatives from the fifth level pharmacy students opened the event by thanking the faculty members for sharing the best moments of their lives with. In their speech, they acknowledged the values they had acquired throughout the previous years in the Faculty of Pharmacy and manifested their appreciation to the Faculty members who supported them in their academic life and were their mentors and role models.

In his words, Prof. Abdalla El Lakany, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, welcomed the guests and attendees including Dr Omar Houri, Secretary General of Beirut Arab University. He also expressed his high expectations that the seniors would be a bright image for the Faculty during their professional practice in future. At the end, he thanked the Faculty members for their tremendous efforts to prepare the students to become competent pharmacists in the different career domains.

Later, the guests and attendees enjoyed dinner together and the party started!!