The objectives of QAU includes:

  • Increasing awareness among faculty staff members, students, employees and the administrative board about the application of quality assurance and accreditation in the faculty.
  • Following up the execution of the faculty strategy.
  • Establishing the Internal Auditing System.
  • Preparing an improvement plan that can be accomplished in appropriate time through following up the execution of the faculty strategy while determining the priorities and what should be considered during the execution of that plan.
  • Improving the graduates’ level, in terms of information - professional skills - intellectual skills and transferable skills to reach the academic standards and to meet the requirements of the modern labor market.
  • Assessing the performance of the faculty during the follow-up and quality management and qualifying the system of the scientific and administrative departments of the faculty.
  • Developing the standards of performance, in general, to reach the international standards required to ensure the provision of accreditation according to the international criteria in pharmacy education.
  • Strengthening the link with the alumni to take their role in the process of development and the continuous collaboration with the Order of Pharmacists in this domain, to assess and develop the academic program.
  • Stimulating the positive cooperation with the Order of Pharmacists to participate in the different enhancement procedures of the faculty.